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Extending you maximum flexibility with how you want to spend an NDIS budget, we can offer you the freedom to choose who comes to care for you or your loved one.


What we offer you at The Good Companion Australia is a peace of mind, knowing that you will always have a known care worker attending. Budgets are important and we are focused on maximizing your money’s worth.



How are services priced?


TGCA staff are remunerated at or above Award rates for the sector. There are other ongoing fees. What you get is what you pay for. When you, your Service Coordinator or Plan Manager engage The Good Companion Australia, you can expect to tap into Case Mangers and Care Coordinators who are accountable to deliver coherent support and achieve agreed outcomes. While Self Managing provide you with control over how your NDIS funding is spent, you can count on The Good Companion Australia to not only deliver support and care services, but to monitor outcomes, identify opportunities and communicate with all relevant stakeholders.


"As a single Mum with an autistic child it can be draining. I self manage my son’s NDIS package and was given funding for me to have a break.

As most parents will know this is a hard thing to let your child go out with a stranger, but The Good Companion Australia made me feel comfortable and confident that my son will be in good hands.


We met with the carer the week before the service was scheduled in which put my mind at ease him and Berry got along famously so I knew he was in good hands.


The day came for the carer to assist Barry and it ran perfectly and I couldn’t be more grateful for the break I can now go to the gym or get my hair done and not have to worry."



The Good Companion Australia disability support focuses on the ability, strengths and diversity of individuals living with a disability. We strive to prioritise your needs, seeking to give you and your family maximum support.


The Good Companion Australia disability support can support your Plan Manager or Care Coordinator by delivering services to you aimed at developing skills, building community connections and accessing key services enabling you to sustain the best living goals possible. The Good Companion Australia Disability Support services range from in-home care to outings and community integration. For further information, consider accessing - NDIS guide to: Self Management which can be downloaded from -





"A previous agency cost me my job, it's not easy getting employment with a disability, so I needed them to be there for me but they weren't" - Costa


We hear stories like this all the time, and it breaks our heart. Agencies like ours need to exist to support clients in the dreams, goals and ambitions they still have for their lives. It's a privilege, not just a job, and one we take very seriously.


The sad truth is that this wasn't Costa's only negative experience with an agency - before he found TGCA he'd been let down by at least 3. Carers that would show up late or not at all, carers who have little or no experience, or even having carers he didn't know turning up to replace shifts unannounced.


Costa's story isn't unique, if you or someone you love has been with an agency you've probably got horror stories like this of your own. At TGCA we choose, deliberately, to do things differently - to create a culture that promotes you, as the client, to be our highest priority. We listen to what your story is, where you've come from and where you'd still like to go, and we work with you to create a plan that helps you build on those dreams.


Our staff have been fortunate enough to share several great years with Costa and his children. We've watched them grow up before our eyes, enjoyed holidays, trips interstate for the football, dinner out restaurants and even helped plan for things like birthdays and Christmas.


"We're like family" Costa tells us. And that's just about the greatest feedback any agency can have. So if you need an agency that is really here for you - it's time to give TGCA a call.





Our daily living supports are flexible and customised to your own needs, goals and outcomes. The outcomes that our staff can support include:


access Community, Social And Recreational Activities

assistance with self care

assistance with Personal domestic activities
in Home respite care
support getting ready for your day

to get out and about in the community

someone to do household chores

someone to help with food preparation and meals
support with health and fitness
assistance getting to appointments
and many more



Our care support staff focus on Providing high-quality, individualised support to you in both your home and community.



"Called The Good Companion Australia around 6 months ago and spoke to Service Coordinator was very pleasant and lovely to speak with after speaking with her it came to my attention that I could not use her services as I was NDIA managed which meant that I could only use providers that the NDIA had approved.


We had been trying to use the NDIA providers but found that they were so unreliable, and my son wasn’t getting the care that he so needed. Belinda suggested that when my son’s plan came up for review that I self manage or plan manage his funds not through the NDIA as I would have more flexibility with the service providers that I can use.


I couldn’t wait another 6 months for his review so I decided to ask for an early review with the NDIS 3 months later I was approved to self manage my son’s funds, I called the Service Coordinator and she came out that week to discuss the services that I wanted for my son. The very next day after meeting with the Coordinator, services had commenced and I couldn’t be happier with not only the care companion but with the advice and swiftness of being set up with service."




With a can-do attitude.


John King

Martynna Leu

Aisja Millard

Sai Teinakore

Hi I’m John,
I am a kindhearted person & believe everyone should be treated with respect & dignity. Even with 8 years experience in Disability I learn something new everyday.
Hi I’m Martynna,
I'm from the UK & moved to Australia when I was 13. I love to read and take photos. I have worked in Disability for the last 8 years. I like to think I go the extra mile to help people that I’m caring for.
Hi I’m Aisja,
I am studying Occupational Therapy. Witnessing individuals that I work with achieve their goals & thrive from our interactions inspires me to become the best in my field.
Hi I’m Sai,
I like watching rugby league, I have working in Disability for 5 years, I'm very patient and caring person. I am originally from Queensland & have been in Victoria for 1.5 years now.




Stretch you NDIS budget further


How does this work?


During your NDIS planning meeting you will be asked how you wish to manage your plan once it is signed off. There are three different ways that your plan can be managed and it’s important to know the difference between the three so that you can choose the option that best suits you and your family’s needs and capabilities.


The three options are

  • Self- managed
  • Plan-managed or
  • Agency (NDIA) managed


You can also use a combination of the three. For example, you could choose to have your Improved Daily Living supports agency managed, which would allow therapy providers to claim directly to the NDIA for their services while self-managing the Core supports or consumables budget could give you flexibility of choice and control over how much you spend for items.



Looking at the three options from a payment perspective:


With a self-managed plan, you pay your support providers directly and apply for reimbursement from the NDIS. You are solely responsible for all the administration associated with your plan and liaison with providers etc.


If you appoint a plan manager they will look after the financial and administrative elements of the plan for you. The NDIA will pay your plan manager who will then pay your providers for you.


If you choose NDIA management they will pay your providers directly.




The benefits of self-management are that you have Control, independence and flexibility in arranging and paying for your supports.


You can choose what supports you purchase in line with what’s included in your plan and who provides these supports. The provider does not have to be NDIA registered so you will have a much wider choice of who you can work with and you’ll also have the capacity to employ or contract staff directly or have someone employ staff on your behalf.


As you’re in control of your budget you can negotiate costs of your supports to get best value for money – possibly stretching your funds further.

You are also not bound by the price guide limits, so if you do wish to pay more than the agency stated amount for a piece of equipment you are free to do so.


Along with the freedom and flexibility afforded by self-management you also have a number of responsibilities that you do not have with the other two options.




If you choose the plan management option, a plan manager will be funded in your plan and they must be a registered NDIS provider.


With a plan manager you will have the same flexibility of service provider choice for your plan supports as self-management (i.e. they do not have to be NDIS registered) with the only key difference being that plan-managed supports cannot be paid at a rate higher than the NDIS price guide. They can, of course, negotiate on your behalf to pay a lower price to maximise your funds.


The key benefits of using a plan manager is that they will take care of all the finance and administration part of your plan for you such as paying your providers for the supports you purchase, tracking your spending, taking care of financial reporting and they can also help you choose your providers.









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